Thank you for finding us. As part of our aim to eventually only work in the renewable energy sector and my personal ambition to help reduce GHG emissions I have taken time off from my Australian business. As a result we are not able to undertake any work in Australia as I’m currently overseas gaining work experience with a large solar installation company. My return will be announced!

Best wishes for 2020!


We now install free LED globes used in down lights

If you have inefficient halogen globes please consider all the benefits a LED replacement globe can bring you. They only use a fraction of the electricity compared to halogen globes. Typically an older version halogen globe will use 50W while the new LED globes only use 6W. Because of the unparalleled development of LED technology during the past few years the light output of a 6W LED globe is comparable to a 50W halogen.

In addition to 90% electricity savings the new LED globes don’t get as hot therefore reducing the risk of potential fires in the roof space. Halogen globes can burn up to 300 Celsius while LED globes only heat up to about 50 Celsius.

LED globes last for around 35,000 hours while halogen globes last for about 2000 hours. This reduces the necessity to replace them often resulting in replacement cost.

You can ask for free LED globes because the Victorian Government needs to meet their emission reduction target. Every LED globe installed contributes to this target helping to create a better environment.

Please note: the free LED globes are not dimmable. If you need dimmable globes they will incur a small additional charge (about $10) and if your existing dimmer is not compatible it may need to be replaced for a cost of about $80 each.

We are looking at offering air conditinioning installation service in 2015. Please contact us if you need a site visit organised to provide you with a quotation.

We are in the process of having our Solar Accreditation approved by the end of 2015. If you are thinking about having a high end system installed with the same attention to detail and quality workmanship as we undertake all other electrical jobs, please contact us for a consultation.